Ask the Gardener-May 17

Is there any special about planting a Rose of the Year?

Depending on which Rose of the Year you are looking for, will depend on what you are getting.  Most rose breeding/grower companies will name one of the introductions as their Rose of the Year.  However, if you were looking at one of the Rose of Year introductions from the UK then you would have one of the best of the best.  In North America you want to look for the distinction of an AARS (All American Rose Selection) winner.

AARS is a non-profit, industry-sponsored organization that has been testing roses for their qualities since 1938.  Roses, before they are named or introduced to the public, are tested for two years by rose judges in various public trial gardens throughout the United States. They are scored on 15 relevant characteristics, varying from growing habit of the plant, flower habit and color, to plants being disease resistant.

These scores or grades are collected and tabulated.  By having such a wide range of growing conditions will help in balancing regional characteristics. Once scores at gathered, the highest scoring roses receive the distinctive honor of being an AARS winner.  There is no set number of winners each year.  2010 had only one winner, Easy Does It, whereas 1948 had six winners.

Now this doesn’t mean that you need to ignore all of the other rose introductions, there are hundreds to enjoy. In fact that might be a lofty goal to have for your rose garden. As for my rose garden I am trying to establish a AARS birth garden: Planting all of the roses that received the AARS distinction from the years that members of my family were born.

Roses that you plant should have something that you find irresistible.  Some people are happy with one or two roses in their yards; others might want all the roses that they can possibly plant.

Which roses do you have planted in your garden?

Here  is the link for the All-American Rose Selection winners.

Here is the link for the Rose of the Year United Kingdom.

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