What is the size of your Garden Space?

Photo by Roger KirbyFor some there is no limitation, only in what the imagination will hold you back to what you can grow in your garden.  However, for some it might be limited to a small balcony or just a small enclosed patio. Don’t give up; you still can grow something in your small limited space.

Window boxes, in all of their various sizes, make great options for growing fresh herbs and limited amounts of vegetables; but how limited? You have heard of strawberry planters, well they can be used for more than just strawberries.  However, strawberries offer a sweet delectable reward. You have seen commercials on TV about hanging gardens

The desire for fresh vegetable has created a lot of unique growing conditions by a lot of gardeners. Have you ever thought of growing potatoes in a bucket? What about an upside down hanging tomato basket? Ever thought about corn stalks in the city?

You just have to make sure you follow certain principles and practices of gardening. Any pot or container that you plant in has to have drainage. Most plants have to have a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight. Feeding with the right fertilizer is important. And the list can go on and on. However, what would your neighbors think when you offered them a fresh salad from your patio garden?

Let’s try it!

On Friday, we will have a Weekend Project just for those of you who want to try Patio Gardening.  Don’t miss it!