Perennial of the Week-Daylily

Is the Daylily the perfect perennial for your garden?

Have you ever had to really wonder if the perennials, that look so wonderful at your local garden center, would actually grow in your yard once you got them home? We are prone to buy blooming flowers on impulse and then figure out where we are going to plant them after getting them home.  One perennial that doesn’t take a lot of thought about having the perfect growing spot is the Daylily (Hemerocallis).

Hemerocallis comes from two Greek words meaning “beautiful” and “day”. For a daylily is true to its name in that that a bloom will only last one day.  However there are usually several blooms on each stem and several stems to a plant allowing for a long blooming period of time.

Daylilies are quite adaptable to many if not all growing conditions.  They can grow in drought conditions and also along the ditch bank or waterway.  They will grow in full sunlight, which is best, but then you can get them to grow in partial shade.

I remember one customer of mine, who would come into the greenhouse, looking specifically for new and interesting daylilies that we might have gotten in to sell.  She asked me to also keep a lookout for the unique and unusual. Diane had developed a daylily garden in her yard and at that time she had over twenty different varieties of daylily in this specific garden, with many more planted throughout her whole yard.

You can find varieties that bloom early in the season, and then they are done and will then only offer green foliage for the rest of the year. However there are varieties that will bloom mid-season, late, multiple times.  There truly is a daylily out there to suit your wants and desires.

There are more than the traditional yellow and oranges to choose from: you can have pinks, reds, maroons, purples, chiffons, almost any color that you want. According to The American Hemerocallis Society, you can purchase daylilies anywhere from $3 to over $500.  It just depends on what you want.

Don’t let diploids and tetraploids or scapes confuse you. If you see a daylily that you like, buy it and take it home and plant it.  However you might find out some of the basic information if you need; but for the most part plant it and enjoy it.  Daylilies might just be the perfect perennial for your garden.

How many daylilies do you have in your garden?

Annual of the Week-Osteospermum



I first fell in love with the Osteospermum flower when my husband was working at the garden center.  Their porcelain looking petals are just breathtaking; they seem to have an iridescent glow that mesmerizes you into utter awe. I just can’t wait until every spring and I can go into the greenhouse and start oohing and awing, dreaming of what arrangement I would like planted in my flowerbeds.

Osteospermum flowers now come in all shades and colors, yes they even have different types of petals. They are considered a hardy annual, and sometimes you will find it listed as a half-hardy perennial, meaning that they will tolerate a frost but not too heavy of one or continual nights of freezing temperatures.

When planting this amazing flower, it should be planted in full sun and in multiple groupings for pure visual beauty. They can also be planted in containers for accents throughout the yard. However you should be diligent in maintaining a watering schedule for these beauties. Fertilize these plants on a weekly basis, with a balanced fertilizer, to maintain their growth and blooms.

When the flowers fade, deadheading or the removal of the spent flowers is recommended to encourage continual blooming on the plant. This will allow for constant enjoyment of the Osteospermum plant in your yard.

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A Little Gardening Inspiration

If you are currently under a lot of snow, then you might feel that gardening season is never going to come.  But it really is just around the corner.  There are all sorts of wonderful things going on beneath the snow as the ground is preparing itself for Spring.

To help inspire you and bring a little sunshine to your day, we thought you might enjoy the following video that is filled with flowers that are to come.  It really makes your fingers itch to get into the dirt and have some fun. We hope it brings a smile to your face and a lightness to your heart that Spring really is closer than it looks right now.