Spring & Summer Lawn And Garden Tips

Now that spring is here, it is a good time to take a look at the problem spots in your lawn and garden:

  • Do you notice areas of standing water?
  • Do you have problems with slow or poor drainage in your yard?
  • Are there areas in your lawn & garden where you see slow or weak plant growth?

Any one of these conditions could be the result of clay soil in your lawn & garden.

When it comes to your lawn and garden, the presence of clay soil can create a number of problems:

  1. Clay soil drains slowly. Thus, as the winter snow melts and the spring rains start, the clay soil tends to remain saturated long after average or sandy soils have drained. Wet or saturated soils do not make for a good growing environment long term.
  2. Clay soil is much slower to warm up in the spring. Because of its’ density, the clay soil is resistant to the warming effects of the spring sunshine. Colder soil temperatures slow plant growth. Until the soil warms up sufficiently, springtime growth will be slow and difficult.
  3. Clay soil compacts (pushes together or bonds to itself), making it hard for the roots to penetrate. When the root systems can’t penetrate, they become “stunted” or stop growing. This is not a healthy growing environment.
  4. Clay soil is alkaline (has a high pH), which is hard on plants.
  5. To top it off, clay soil is very heavy and difficult to work with. And messy!

Liquid_Gypsum_RTS_AND_Liquid_Gypsum_GALSoilLogic’s Liquid “Gypsum” product (also sold in some areas as “Liquid Thrive”) can help with all of your clay soil problems. While it is not a miracle, it works very quickly. A program of regularly scheduled applications should help improve poor soil conditions within weeks. It is very easy to apply (much easier to use than bags of traditional dry gypsum), and is relatively inexpensive for the job that it does.

Liquid “Gypsum” may be just your answer for reconditioning your soil, because it can be applied on the surface soil in your flowerbeds, vegetable gardens, or on your lawn. This is easily done with the quart (32. Oz.) ready to spray (“RTS”) bottle, which covers up to 1,000 sq. ft. SoilLogic offers other sizes of  Liquid “Gypsum” for larger yards and repeated applications.

What does  Liquid “Gypsum” do? Its’ concentrated formula has the ability to penetrate the millions of fine clay particles in heavy or hardpan soils, and help to loosen the structure of the soil. This creates air and moisture space that gradually loosens and breaks open the soil structure, which is what your plants, trees, shrubs and lawn need for better growth.

Please note that  Liquid “Gypsum” does not contain any major plant nutrients, so it is still necessary to apply it in conjunction with a regular fertilizing program. However,  Liquid “Gypsum” does contain some ingredients that are very good for healthy plant growth.

To recap,  SoilLogic’s Liquid “Gypsum” (also sold in some areas as “Liquid Thrive”) can help solve your common clay soil problems:

  1. Improve drainage
  2. Open up compacted soil
  3. Create a better growing environment for your lawn and garden!