Styles of paving

Photo by Brandon Blinkenberg

Photo by Brandon Blinkenberg

This is a guest post by Sarah Skinner.

I love properties with gardens that have winding stone paths, beautiful raised flower beds, or stony steps. These features seem to add so much depth and character to the garden. They are details in landscaping that we call paving and these details bring extra warmth to anyone’s outdoor space.

Hard surfaces are key in landscape design. Paving is one type of hardscaping- any element of landscaping besides the plants- that helps create tone and flow for a property. There are several different types of paving which can be used in landscaping.

• Bricks- available in many colors
• Stones- come in varying colors and sizes
• Concrete- which can come in setts or slab form
• Railroad ties- can be free!
• Wooden blocks- great for steps and garden borders

You can use these paving elements to create different design features in your garden. Some of these include:

• Patios
• Walls
• Steps
• Paths
• Raised beds
• Decks

Paving can easily be the most expensive design element of your landscaping. It’s important to get it right the first time. You can lay down the foundation for your paving ahead of time and live with it for a while to determine if you like the way it flows and its size, then go ahead and finish the paving.

You can easily incorporate your design styles into your paving ventures for your garden. You can use railroad ties and wooden blocks for a laid back look, bricks and stones for a more traditional look, and really any combination for your own eclectic mood. With paving, your imagination really is the limit.

Of course plants look wonderful paired with whatever paving you choose. Pots full of flowers look great placed strategically around a paved surface. Lining the paved walkway with flowers makes the pavement pop and really stand out. Plants with dark leaves and distinctive shapes and colors work best, but you’ll need to water them frequently. Paving can make the plants around it extra hot.

Whatever paving design you choose, it is sure to highlight your property. Paving will reflect your style and make your gardening even more inviting.