Wishing for Spring

Photo by: Dawn M. Turner

Photo by: Dawn M. Turner

Today I really need the sun to shine.  It is currently overcast and gloomy looking.  After a cold and snowy winter, I am ready to see and feel the sunshine on my face.

I think we all get that yearning at times, although right now it is really, really strong for me.

I did feel my spirits lift a bit yesterday as the sun peeked through the clouds.  It shone on the seeds I am currently waiting impatiently to sprout and push through the soil around them.  Of course, Gary just planted them up earlier this week, so they do need some time to germinate.  However, I do have to say that I was extremely excited to see two of the flowers that were planted up begin to push through the dirt a bit.  I am sure they could sense the sun shining just a bit and were eager to feel it on their stems and new leaves.  The other seeds are still drowsy and thinking about the possibilities that they represent.  I am sure that our seed warming mat is encouraging them to try for their potential and burst forth from the sleepy soil any day now.

Until that time, I will just keep wishing and yearning for the warmth of Spring to take over and spread all over me and my yard.  I am itching to make things pretty outside.  Just a tiny bit longer…

A Little Gardening Inspiration

If you are currently under a lot of snow, then you might feel that gardening season is never going to come.  But it really is just around the corner.  There are all sorts of wonderful things going on beneath the snow as the ground is preparing itself for Spring.

To help inspire you and bring a little sunshine to your day, we thought you might enjoy the following video that is filled with flowers that are to come.  It really makes your fingers itch to get into the dirt and have some fun. We hope it brings a smile to your face and a lightness to your heart that Spring really is closer than it looks right now.

Preparing Your Yard For Spring

photo by gracey, morguefile.com

photo by gracey, morguefile.com

The sun is shining and the birds are beginning to sing their sweet songs. The flowers are pushing their heads up through the fresh soil announcing the arrival of spring. So what can you do to prepare your yard for spring? There are several things that you can do to ensure that your yard receives the proper start to a fantastic year.

Flower Beds

*Rake-Clean up the leftover debris from last year. This will include items such as leaves, twigs and any garbage that has blown in during the winter.

*Uncover any plants such as roses you have protected during the winter.

*Maintenance pruning-clean up any winter damage.

*Amend the soil-add compost to create a rich soil for this year’s plants.

*Fertilize-choose a slow release fertilizer and add it to all of your flower beds, roses and perennials for a healthy start.

*Add pre-emergent weed preventers-this ensures weed-free gardens throughout the summer.


*Apply a humic acid based fertilizer such as Natural Guard Soil Activator. This can be found at your local garden center. Applying this at the beginning of the season aids in nutrient enhancement without stimulating premature growth.

*Mow-if you allowed your grass to grow long during the fall, an early maintenance cutting is recommended.

*Apply a pre-emergent crabgrass and weed preventer. This will cut down on or reduce the amount of weeds that will develop in your lawn throughout the season.


*If you have ornamental trees, then pruning is recommended in the spring.

*Prune-do any necessary repair pruning that might have come from winter damage. This is also a great time to thin out any excess growth in your trees.

*Apply a dormant spray-this will depend on which type of tree you have. But a dormant spray will help to control any overwintering insect eggs and funguses.

*Fertilize with a tree and shrub specific fertilizer. This will give your trees a great and healthy start for the year as they wake up from their winter slumber.

Taking these general steps in the spring will help you to have a yard you can be proud of during the summer months. Where do you begin when you are preparing your yard for spring?