Weekend Project-How to Build an Upside Down Planter

Photo by Kathy Kimpel

Photo by Kathy Kimpel

You’ve seen the ads for the upside down tomato planter, aka the “Topsy Turvy”.  You have more than likely seen them available for purchase at your local garden center and at the discount stores.  But did you know that you can use the same principles of these popular planters and save a little money and quite easily make your own?

We thought that those of you who are looking for ways to expand your patio garden might love to know how you can make one of these upside down gardens.  Even if you are new to gardening, these are truly an easy project to make and you will quickly have your own upside down garden planted in less than 30 minutes of time and effort.  And believe us when we say less than 30 minutes.  That time includes the gathering of the materials you will need and choosing the right place to hang your new planter.  You may even have time to enjoy a glass of lemonade and admire your work in that time frame.

We are providing you with some links to some instructions on how to make one of these upside down gardens.  And of course, we will end with a video for those who are more visual and just want to see one made.  Let us know how your project turned out!

We liked the clear instructions we found in the article How to Make Your Own Upside Down Tomato Plant Holder.

How to Make an Upside Down Tomato Planter shows you how to utilize space effectively by planting a tomato in the bottom and flowers in the top of the planter.

Want to see a list of materials you will need?  How to Make an Upside Down Planter provides a nice one at the bottom of the 8=step instruction guide.

Don’t want to make one out of a 5 gallon bucket? Maybe you don’t have a bucket available that you can use. How about making one out of an empty 2 liter bottle?

And finally…for those of you who are visual, here is a video that is around 7 1/2 minutes in length that explains the process well: