Ask the Gardener-May 24

You have made a few references to zones for gardening.  How do I find my gardening zone?

Zones can be confusing as many times people interchange the Western Gardening zones with the USDA planting zones.  These two zoning methods are very different from one another.  Here at Successful Gardens, we are using the USDA planting zones as a reference guide.  To make it easy for you to find your own planting zone, we have created a special page on the website, Hardiness Zone Map.  Just look on the map for the location that you live and see which color is referenced for your area.  Then reference the color to the key and you will then know which hardiness zone you are living in.

Knowing and understanding which gardening zone you are in is important.  This helps you to know which plants might grow in your area and which ones will have difficulty.  After all, it makes sense that you can’t plant an orange tree outside year round if you live in an arctic tundra.  We hope this will help you save some money by only buying plants for your zone.