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2024 Selections

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” I would like to rejoice. Growing roses in Wyoming might seem a daunting challenge that few want to accept. However, I wish more would take the cahallenge and when you have the right information and knowledge of how to succeed, you can be succesful in your gardening endevors.

Growing up in the Rose City of Wyoming, I have always loved roses. In fact at one point of my  horticulture career, I was the Parks Manager for the Town of Lovell and was the steward of the roses growing in the town parks. What a challenge! However, changing some of the daily and seasonal care practices I was able to help those roses grow and survive in Wyoming. It wasn’t easy, but my crew and I did it. Lovell was once again blooming in roses.

Roses can grow and flurish in Wyoming, you just have to take certain steps to help them survive.

You can find links to my YouTube videos on Roses and also Rose care sheets in our web sites Learning Center.

Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are known for the towering growth, along fences, up walls, and over pergolas. Most are not hardy to our harsh Wyoming climates but there are a few that have been known to survive our wintes. Take precautions in the winter months to give them the best protection you can.

William Baffin

Winners Circle

Drift Roses

Drift Roses are some of the most versatile roses on the market. THis collection of groundcover roses procides solutions for numerous trouble-areas in the lanscape. Drift Roses are extremely disease resistant, bloom continuously, and are hardy to Zone 4. We like to say they’re The Finishing Touch to Every Landscape (TM) Star Roses and Plants

Apricot Drift

Blushing Drift

Peach Drift

Popcorn Drift

Sweet Drift

Floribunda Roses

The Floribunda Rose is a cross between a polyantha and a tea rose.  Generally, floribundas are smaller shrubs reaching only 3 to 4 feet tall and have an “abundance of floras” or flowers.  They can be single or double blooms and come in a wide range of colors.

Artic Blue

Brilliant Pink Iceberg

Burgundy Iceberg

Burst of Joy

Celestial Night



Distant Drums

Forever Amber

Hot Coco



Ketchup & Mustard

Koko Loco

Life of the Party

Pumpkin Patch

Purple Tiger

Queen of Elegance


Sexy Rexy

Sheila's Perfume


Sweet Madame Blue


Violet's Pride

White Licorice

Grandiflora Roses

A hardy cross between the Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Rose. First introduced in 1954 with the award winning rose “Queen Elizabeth. Large bloom grow in clusters atop long stems.

About Face

All Dressed Up

Anna's Promise

Ch Ching

Dream Come True

Gold Medal

Happy Go Lucky


Miss Congeniality

Miss Manners

Parade Day

Pop Art

Queen Elizabeth

Quest for Zest

Radiant Perfume

State of Grace

Strike it Rich

Twilight Zone

Uptown Girl

Violet's Pride

White Licorice


Sweet Madame Blue


Hybrid Tea

The most popular of all modern rose classes, the Hybrid Tea rose can trace its origins back to France and the late 1800’s. They are known for their strong fragrances and single rose flowers sitting atop of tall canes.

All My Loving

Black Baccara

Chantilly Cream

Chicago Peace

Chrysler Imperial

Dark Night


Double Delight

Falling in Love


First Prize

Fragrant Cloud

Full Sail

Grande Dame

Heavenly Scented


Henry Fonda


In The Mood

Ink Spots

Just Joey

Lasting Love


Let Freedom Ring

Liv Tyler

Make Me Blush

Memorial Day

Mister Lincoln


Neil Diamond


New Zealand


Opening Night

Over The Moon


Perfume Delight

Perfume Factory

Peter Mayle

Picture Perfect

Pope John Paul II

Pretty Lady Rose

Raspberry Cupcake

Rio Samba


Smokin' Hot

Sugar Moon

The McCartney Rose

Top Cream

Touch of Class

Veterans Honor

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses can also be refered to landscape roses or hardy roses. Often including several classes for roses such as Species or “wild roses”, kordesii, moyesii, musk, rugosa and shrub. These roses can grow from 3 to 15 feet in all directions given the right growing conditions. Most have single bloom and bloom usually only once a year. However, with new breeding practices and introductions, many new varieties offer double blooms and multiple blooming times throughout the season. Hardiness of these roses can often be listed for USDA Zone 3, which ranges to a -40 degrees F.

Austrian Copper

Blanc Double de Coubert

Easy on the Eyes

Forever & Ever Pink


Party Hardy

Persian Yellow

Pink Freedom

Purple Pavement

Snow Pavement

Thresa Bugnet

Watercolors Home Run

Tree Roses

Tree Roses are NOT hardy in Wyoming and must be protected in order for them to survive the winter and into the next year. They can be planted in the ground but for best results, they should be planted in large pots or planters. Those planters can then be brought into an insulated, preferably a heated garage or out-building, where the ambiant winter temps stays above 20 degrees F but below 45 degrees F. They are a great accent addition to any garden but precautions must be taken to ensure their survivability.

TR Tiddly Winks

TR Ketchup & Mustard

TR Brilliant Pink Iceberg & Iceberg

TR Ebb Tide & Julia Child

TR Fragrant Plum