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2024 Selections

Welcome to Successful Gardens, where your shade garden dreams come to life! Explore our wide selection of beautiful plants and flowers, handpicked to flourish in your landscape. From vibrant Begonias and captivating Coleus to exquisite Impatiens, Pansies and more, our expert advice and online Learning Center will guide you every step of the way. Get growing with Successful Gardens and create a garden that will bring you joy for years to come!


Purple Prince


Nightlife Mix

Bewitched Cherry

Shadow King Black Cherry

Shadow King Lime Ricky

Shadow King Rose

AmeriHybrid Picotee Lace Pink

AmeriHybrid Picotee Lace Red

Illumination Golden Picotee

Nonstop Fire

Nonstop Red

Nonstop Rose Picotee

Nonstop Yellow

Nonstop Joy Yellow

Nonstop Mocca Deep Red

Dragon Wings Pink

Dragon Wings Red Bronze Leaf


Viking Explorer Rose on Green


Black Dragon

Kong Lime Sprite

Kong Mix Empire

Kong Red

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate Mint

Pineapple Surprise

Ruby Heart



Downtown NYC Nights

Great Falls Niagara

Le Freak

Main Street Alligator Alley

Main Street Beale Street

Main Street Fifth Ave

Main Street La Rambla

Main Street Oxford Street

Red Ruffles

Rose Trailing

Stained Glassworks Royalty

Stained Glassworks Velvet


Bella Trailing Lydia

Bella Upright Evita

Bella Upright Mariska

Blaze Away

Blue Angel


Midnight Sky


Confetti Compact Mix


Beacon Formula Mix

Beacon Mix Pearl Island

Beacon Mix Portland

NG Magnum Blue

NG Magnum Fire

NG Magnum Red Flame

NG Magnum White

NG Sunstanding Apollo Pink

NG Sunstanding Apollo Ruby Red

NG Sunstanding Apollo White Cloud


Lofos Compact Rose

Lofos Compact White


Cats Plus Mix

Colossus Mix Blotch

Delta Class Mix Monet

Delta Classic Fire

Delta Pro Mix Blotch

MG II Mix Blotch

Matrix Mix Ocean Breeze

Matrix Solar Flare

Cool Wave Fire

Cool Wave Mix

Cool Wave Mix Berry 'N Cream

Cool Wave Morpho

Cool Wave Raspberry


Compact Classic White

Compact Deep Red

Compact Hot Pink

Compact Lavender Splash


Hi-Lite Mix

Moon Blue

Moon White

Summer Wave Trailing Large Blue


Penny Mix Jump Up

Sorbet Mix Blueberry Sundae