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2024 Selections

Welcome to Successful Gardens, where your gardening dreams come true! Our extensive selection of succulents will add color, texture, and beauty to any garden. From the stunning Aloe Pink Blush with its mottled green leaves and pink toothy ridges, to the unique Crassula Hobbit with its tubular ‘fingers’ of foliage, our succulent collection is sure to impress. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our succulents are easy to grow and perfect for rock gardens, containers, or as house plants. Explore our 2024 selections and let your green thumb flourish with Successful Gardens!

Aloe Pink Blush

Fleshy, mottled light and dark green leaves with pink toothy ridges form a small clumping variety. A flower stalk with orange blooms will appear late winter to early spring.

Height 12″. Spread 12″.

Aptenia Variegata

A member of the ice plant family, this low growing/mounding succulent is green with white edges. Produces red flowers. Good heat tolerance.

Height 4-6″.  Spread 12-14″.

Cotyledon ladismithiensis

“Bears Paw”-Densely packed branches with flat, fleshy, hairy leaves. The leaves are up to 1 1/2″ long, with reddish teeth in a neat row resembling bear paws. Flowers in late spring are bell-shaped, light yellow-orange-red. Grow in bright light with good airflow. Not hardy.

Height 12″.

Crassula Campfire

Fleshy leaves in a “propeller” pattern turn to a bright flame color under cool night conditions. Prefers some light shade.

Height up to 12″.

Crassula Hobbit

Strong tubular “fingers” of foliage make an interesting texture in succulent gardens. May grow very large in warm climates. Useable as a house plant with adequate lighting. Do not overwater.

Height 1-3″.

Crassula ovata minor

“Baby Jade”-Branching shrub with stout stems. Rounded, glossy green, thick leaves may mature with reddish edges. In warm climates this variety produces star-shaped white flowers in autumn. Tender soft succulent – will not tolerate frost, but is extremely drought tolerant. Great for living wreaths, weddings, or indoor spaces.

Garden Height 12-24″.

Crassula perforata variegata

“Variegated String of Buttons or Variegated Necklace Vine” – A small, shrubby, sprawling succulent. Stems are erect and fleshy, later becoming prostrate and woody. The oval leaves are gray-green, edged in pink. Flowers are very small, star-shaped and white. This fast-growing variety is moderately easy and should be planted in a bed with bright morning sun or afternoon sunlight.

Height 3 1/2″.

Delosperma echinatum Gherkin

“Pickle Plant” – Long barrel shaped green leaves bristled with soft spine-like white hairs. They look like Gherkin pickles! Pale yellow flowers appear late winter through fall. This low, sprawling succulent can grow up to 18″ tall.


Echeveria Assorted Mix

An easy to grow succulent that is great for rock gardens. Looks wonderful in small dish gardens combined with other succulents or cactus.

Ephiphyllum anguliger Fishbone Cactus

Deeply lobed green stems resemble fishbones. Has a trailing habit that is good for hanging baskets. Will bloom late autumn to early winter. The white of pale yellow flowers have a strong, sweet smell.


Kalanchoe mamorata

“Penwiper Plant” – A striking, erect, ground-cover succulent with glossy leaves spotted with purple. Flowers in the spring, producing starry white blossoms sometimes tinged in pink.

Height 16″.


Lithops Assorted Mix

“Flowering Stones, Living Stones” – True mimicry plants. Their shape, size, and color causes them to resemble small stones in their natural surroundings. The plants blend in among the stones as a means of protection. Because they thrive in low humidity, need infrequent watering and care, and are relatively easy to grow, Lithops are popular novelty houseplants. With their small size and slow, compact growth, these plants do not take up much room and they will live for many years in the same pot.

Sedum Autumn Delight

This is a sport of ‘Autumn Joy’. Chartreuse-yellow leaves with a narrow, blue-green, serrated margin. Blooms in late summer are pink aging to rust-red. Attracts butterflies.

Sedum Autumn Fire

Discovered in Quebec, this variety has a nice dense habit that is less prone to flop. Bright rosy-pink blooms are bright and the color lasts a very long time. Blue-green foliage is full and attractive.  Attracts butterflies.

Sedum Carl

This is an improved ‘Autumn Joy’ that comes from England. Compact, tidy Stonecrop with huge, vibrant pink heads over blue-green, fleshy foliage. Attracts butterflies.

Sedum Angelina

This very brilliant sedum was found in a private garden in Croatia. The striking, needle shaped foliage is yellow and ages to orange in autumn. Intolerant of wet soils. Works well in a container, as a ground cover and awesome in rock gardens.

Sedum Rosy Glow

‘Rosy Glow’ is valued for its brightly colored blossoms of ruby-red, ease of culture and drought tolerance. Clump-forming, blue-green foliage makes this variety perfect for edging, rock gardens or containers. Attracts butterflies.

Sedum Dragons Blood

This is a very useful and ever-changing color Sedum. The oval, notched foliage emerges red, turns dark green with purple-bronze tinges and then in fall is a brilliant red. Blooms are red in summer. Works well in a container, as a ground cover and awesome in rock gardens.

Sedum Red Carpet

The foliage on this ground cover stays bronze-red all season and into the winter. Rose-pink blooms pop in summer to add additional color. Works well in a container, stone wall pockets, as a ground cover and awesome in rock gardens.

Sedum Sunsparkler Dazzleberry

Huge 9″ raspberry-colored flower heads on smoky blue-gray foliage. Early blooming, disease-free and very compact habit.

Sedum Sunsparkler Firecracker

Dramatic foliage color on this fabulous performer. Perfect for rock gardens, green roofs, containers and in a mass.

Sedum Thundercloud

Very compact with a tidy habit. Gray-green foliage has pointy edges and nicely textured. Blooms are white to soft pink, star-like bursts. Minimal care needed.

Sempervivum Cobweb

Cobwebs for the garden setting. (no feather dusting recommended) Very interesting with all-season webbing! Natures way of maintaining moisture in very dry climates. This is a web you want to be caught in! Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum braunii

Sharply pointed, dark green leaves are often red tipped. This hen is covered with fine white hairs that do not molt. Pink chicks are born midsummer. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Mrs. Giuseppi

Fleshy rosettes of blue-green leaves with pointed, mahogany tips. Very tidy and uniform in growth habit. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Commander Hay

Pink-tinted, green flowers are borne atop tall spikes in summer. Vivid red centers with green tips is very dramatic. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Purple Beauty

Purple-bronze rosettes that produce baby chicks are quite a display in a rock garden, container or as a border plant. Rosy-red flowers add to the excitement in the summer. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Pilioseum

Displays rosettes of gray-green foliage (hens) that produce smaller rosettes (chicks). Rosy-red flowers in the summer. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.

Sempervivum Twilight Blues

Leaves of blue-green deepen throughout the season. By summer’s end, the hen is a dark purple shade. Succulent foliage requires dry, well-drained soil.